Credit cards is the only and best option for making and receiving payment online, thou there are other online payment processors like paypal, escrow e.t.c but their accounts are not guarantee like that of credit card which is attached to a financial institutions, like the issue of liberty reserve that just shut down, which means online processors that can close business anytime.

In this article i want to list credit card you can use to make payment online and the companies that can be accepted in many online merchant and have proven, tested and trusted by the world in terms of making payment online.

  • Visa Credit card: Visa credit card has proven themselves to be the best and operate world wide. it is accepted everywhere online. The visa credit card company has been working for many years.  Irrespective of the financial institutions, country that offers the visa credit card, it is acceptable and can use any where in the world, also for online payments. but first you must activate it by going to visa credit card website. Like in my country Nigeria uba africard visa credit card works perfectly online.
  • Master Card: Master Credit card is another great giants in the credit card industry and financial institution as a whole. it is accepted in many online merchants and world wide. when the card is given to you. you can make use of it to make and receive payment online. i used my gtbank naira master card to shop on
  • American Express: America express is among the top world most accepted credit card.America express credit card is very flexible to get and can be used to make payment effectively in online. this credit card has been tested and trusted for years and still powering in the credit card industry.
  • Discover Card: Discover credit card is another unique and powerful credit card to behold. i have not used it before but according to research is very flexible and good to making and receiving payments both online and offline.

The list will be updated with more credit card companies, you can use the comment box to drop more you think we should list and also visit for more credit card updates.