With the rise in technology different form, format of credit card are being introduced by different credit card company. The list keep growing as new credit card company emerge. Here inn this article, i will be listing top credit card companies:

  1. Master Card:This company has been in the industry with many success story. Master card is a worldwide credit card which you can make use of in any location you find yourself, both online and offline. The are very credible when it comes to delivering clear and customer satisfaction.
  2. Visa Card:  Visa inc is one of the most reliable and credible credit card. They are always the best option for both travelers, online business owners. They are just ;like master card, they work so hard to introducing different kinds of card, partnering with financial institutions around the world to reach everybody around the world.
  3. Discover Card: This is credit card company is very reliable, they have been around for years both not as popular as Master card or Visa card but as at the time of writing this, they are expanding.
  4. America Express: This credit card company is one of the top credit card company but limited to only united state of America. They offer credit card discount and loans to customers and also make its card available to easy shopping for users.