Credit card services of online payments has been made very easy with the help of uba africard visa credit card which you can use to run many offline and online transactions such as making payment and receiving of payment. In my previous posts i have writen some important tips and updates about uba africard, login, activation and how to make payment with it online, you can check them below:

Steps To Use UBA Africard Visa Credit Card To Make Payment Online At Easy

How To Get Your Own Uba Africard Visa Credit Card Within 24hrs

Here i will be discussing how to check your uba africard balance using the africard visa credit card official website which is This uba africard website has been made available for africard activation as well as africard login and checking of account balance and transactions you have done with it. The first step is to checking account balance is to login and check your balance you will be needing a web passcode which is the four digit number, include to your credit card when you were given the card.

To successfully login you will put your card number or username but i will recommend you make use of your card number (16 digit in front of the card) and your passcode. after a successful login, you will now be given an option to change your details (your username and passcode) after you set it. you will make everything easy as you now be able o login with your username and passcode.

When you login to the africard portal look at the right side you will see link for account balance together with the descriptions, number, amount, fees. Not with the site you can verify by visa which will enable you use it anywhere online as well delete/cancel your account via this uba africard website. Don’t forget to always visit for more credit card tips and updates.