How To Get GTBank Naira Mastercard Credit Card

Credit Card makes transactions very easy, as you can withdraw from atm without standing at the long queue in the bank, you can use it to make your online shopping as well as receive and make payments. In my previous article I wrote about uba africard visa credit card which one can use to make online transaction at easy, click here to read more about africard.

Here in this article I will be discussing Gtbank naira mastercard, which is naira credit card by gtbank that you will not only use to make withdraw money from ATM machine but as well make payments online and shop, you can use it in some sites like hostgator, aliexpress, namecheap, godaddy, ipmart and other online merchants. Here is how to get Gtbank naira mastercard.

The first step to getting mastercard is to open a saving account with gtbank. To do that, You must have your N1000-N2000 or any amount of your choice, your nepa bills, two passport ( go with more than two incase), ID card/drivers license/international passport, With the above you are good to go. Visit any gtbank close to you, tell the customer service attendance that you wana open a gtbank savings account. He/she will direct you by giving a form to fill, make sure you tick naira mastercard while filling the form. After you fill the form, the account will be open and activated with 24 or 48hrs. The bank will tell you to come back in 1 or 2 weeks for your Gtbank naira mastercard. When the time comes go there and you will be a proud owner of a mastercard.

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