Etisalat Nigeria is the best telecommunication network when it comes to customer care service and cheap/discounted services for user/customers. Here i will be listing the Etisalat blackberry plans ( etisalat bis), benefits and the etisalat blackberry subscription codes for each bis plan.

Etisalat blackberry internet services (etisalat bis plan) provides you real choice on your BlackBerry service backed by a steady data connection. with etisalat bis you can socialize with your friends on facebook, twitter and other social network.

The list of etisalat bis plan

Below is the list of etisalat bis plan

1. Etisalat Blackberry internet bundle: This is also Known as etisalat blackberry internet services (BIS). With this service user can have their personla email pushed automatically to their blackberry device, it can as well be used to send mails, is easy to use, you can use it on your phone or the etisalat bis on pc. This service comes with popular attachments like microsoft word, excel, powerpoint and adobe reader with a well secure web browsing experience. here are some of the etisalat bis subscription codes:

  • 3o days: It can also be called etisalat bis monthly, which cost N3000 with subscription code as *499*1#
  • 7 days : This is etisalat bis weekly, at the price N1000 and the activation code is *499*6#
  • Bis daily:This daily plan cost N250, with the activation code as *499*5#

2. Etisalat Blackberry internet enterprise : Unlike the etisalat bis plan that deals only on individual affair, here the etisalat bes extend to corporate affairs by enabling employee real-time access to voic e, email/PIM, corporate data, and line-of-business applications. Etisalat Blackberry internet enterprise also provides IT depertment with simplied management. the service cost 6000 for and valid for 30 days.

3. Etisalat blackberry complete : bis complete is simple and cheap, if you are on budget and dont want to spend more then etisalat blackberry complete is for you. here are some of the packages of this plan, together with their activation code both on voice plan and non voice plan

  • Blackberry complete daily: At the price of N100, The subscription code is *499*3*2# for voice plan while SMS COD to 399 for non voice plan.
  • Blackberry complete weekly: has the valiadity of 7 days with the activation code of voice and non voice plan respectively *499*3*1# and SMS COW to 399. at N500.
  • Etisalat blackberry monthly: This complete service last for 30 days, it cost N1500 to activate it use *499*3# or sMS COM to 399.

4. Etisalat blackberry Social plan: This plan enable you to enjoy great social features at a cheap rate. it has Unlimited Access to facebook, twitter, flickr, Internet Browsing, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry email (, BlackBerry App World. Here is the services of etisalat blackberry social with the bis subscription code:

  • Social dialy: This a day plan, costs N100 and will be activated with Dialing *499*2*2#  or text  SOD to 399 for non voice plan.
  • Social weekly: The activation code is dial *499*2*1# also send text SOW to 399 for non voice plan at the cost N400.
  • Social monthly: Last for 30 day, at the price of  N1300 with that activation code for voice plan *499*2# while that of non voice plan is  text SOM to 399 .

Use the comment box below to share your concerns and Note that this confirm from etisalat Nigeria not any form of etisalat bis cheat.