List of Glo blackberry plan,benefits and subscription code

Globacom Nigeriia, like any other telecommunication company, has their own Blackberry internet services (glo bis). Here in this article i will be sharing various glo blackberry plan, The glo blackberry subscription code, price, benefits and the activation codes, together with validity of  each blackberry plan.

The Glo blackberry internet service plans (glo bis)

here i will share the various glo blackberry bundle each on the categories they belong along side with its subscription code:

1. Glo blackberry Complete

Glo blackberry complete is exclusive plan by Glo Nigeria, to help you stay connected with your social communities, with other great features like 1one free email integration from app world and free glo browsing.

Here are the packages of glo blackberry complete:

  • Complete Month: This glo blackberry complete plan is an amazing one with 30 days validity and unlimited internet data bundle, The glo blackberry activation code for this plan is simply Text ‘CoMonth’ to 777. at the price of N1400
  • Complete Week: This is a glo blackberry weekly which last for 7days couple with unlimited glo blackberry bundle, The activation code for this glo bis is Text CoWeek to 777 and start enjoying this great glo blackberry setting at the price of N400
  • Complete Day; This is glo daily plan, the subscription code for this test CoDay to 777, At the price of N100.

2. Glo blackberry social

Looking at the name GLO BLACKBERRY SOCIAL , is all about social, enabling you connect with your family and friends on bbm, bbmail, yahoomail, Instant messages and other social network aps at an affordable rate. Here are the glo blackberry social packages:

  • SoMonth: This glo bis is for monthly subscription at the price of N1200, with unlimted blackberry bundle data. The glo blackberry subscription code for this is text SoMonth to 777.
  • SoWeek: Like that of Glo blackberry complete weekly plan it costs N400, last for 1 week (7days). With activation code as texting CoWeek to 777.
  • SoDay: This is a daily plan with unlimited bundle data at the price of N100. To activate this glo bis text SoDay t0 777.

3. Glo business blackberry:

If you have a glo business line, Then this glo blackberry subscription is for you, simply contact your account manager or visit any nearest glo outlet to get it fixed. This is glo blackberry internet enterprise (bes) which enables corporate organizations to go mobilty. The Enterprise license fee is N10,700 while the monthly rental is N4200

I hope this answers your query, please use the comment box for your suggestion and concerns

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  1. Morgan says:

    I subscribed to Glo weekly Blackberry BIS. Each time I try to download files exceeding 10 mb in size, I get a message saying ‘downloading failed’. I thought downloads were supposed to be unlimited. My number is 07057233473

  2. Asu frank says:

    Does globacom send internet setting automatically to a blackberry9530 when its subscribed?

  3. gabrel says:

    will Glo bbm subscription wrk on android?

  4. kayode says:

    I subscribed for the somonth but actually wanted the comonth how can I switch data plan.I need access to my email.

  5. kola says:

    Will glo blackberry subscription work on modem?

  6. abdul quadir says:

    i subscribed for the bb package for android and it does not brows how may i go abt this

  7. abdul quadir says:

    i subsp for glo bb data plan for android and it does not work how may i go abt pls

  8. Mike says:

    Can I use glo bb data plan on my iphone 4?

  9. james says:

    Make ur tekno to use bbm sub of 1000 contact mr james for help

  10. Floop says:

    Pls Cn Glo Social B Used To Browse On Internet?

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