List Of Modem Unlocker Software and How To Use it

In my previous articles, i have listed some important modem unlocking tips that will make it very easy for anybody who wants to unlock modem,  You can click this link to check all of them out Here i will be listing some modem unlocker, i.e how to unlock your different kinds of modem with or without software:

Dc-unlocker: Dc- unlocker has proven to be very credible within the year as it makes unlocking of modem very easy for everybody. To get started with dc – unlocker all you need is to simply visit their official website Register/sign up with them, After that then download the dc unlocker software, After the dc unlocker download then open and run it in your pc/laptop. then login with your dc unlocker username and password and get started unlocking your huawei modem, zte, wireless, unlock phone e.t.c To completely enjoy the full feature you have to buy credit which will give you more chance to unlock modem. This software will automatically detects your device, its very simple to use.

Universal Master Modem unlocker: This is not just modem unlocker software but phone unlocker. i.e you can unlock phones with it (unlock nokia). You can use it to unlock huawei modem, 3g modem and any kind of modem. All you need to do is insert the modem imei number, select the model and click on calculate. Within some seconds it will give you the serial and unlocked code required to unlock modem. For this modem unlocker software download send me mail at and i will send it to you.

BB5 Website: This is another amazing tips to unlocking modem online. All you need to do is to simply calculating the unlock code off the bb5 website. Here is an example of how it works Simply copy your modem imei code and replace it wher IMEIcode is. e.g Hope you understand now.

More modem unlocker tips  will be update, always visit for more updates

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