Mtn family and friends, benefits and migration code

Mtn family and friends is among the famous mtn packages that enable its user to always connect and stay in touch with his/her friends and love ones at the possible cheapest tariff, irrespective of the network you are using whether in Nigeria or abroad.

Benefits of mtn family and friends to its users

1. As  mtn family and friends user you can register up to 10 numbers of your choice and enjoy the mtn tariff of 17kobo/second with the dial of any of the ten family and friend numbers.

2. You can add international number or any number of your choices irrespective of the network be it glo, etisalat, airtel e.t.c.

3.  Enjoys 30kobo/second calling other mtn numbers

How to migrate to mtn family and friends.

To migrate to mtn family and friends, you have to make use of the mtn family and friends migration code: Simply text 407 to 131 or dial *407# from your phone.

After migrating to mtn family and friends, the next is adding the number of your friends and loved ones. Here i will show you how to register, delete and view a number in your mtn family and friends.:

To register a F&F number:     Dial *560*1*phone number#
To view F&F numbers:    Dial *560#
To delete a F&F number     Dial *560*2*phone number”

Note: Replace phone number with the number you want to delete of register.

I hope this answers your questions on mtn family and friends plan/tariff

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  2. Loveth Ndem says:

    Y is the family and friends not working again

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