If you have been looking for where to download 2go mobile chat, then wap.2go.im is the best place to download 2go messenger for your mobile to mobile chat. I will be sharing a review about wap.2go.im and 2go mobile chat and how to download and set up an account. Add us on bbm for chats, news, music and meeting new friends==> 7AB2582F

Getting started with 2go sign up using wap.2go.im

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As i said earlier, wap.2go.im is the official website of 2go mobile chat for your mobile to mobile chat with friends. To get started with 2go sign up simply visit www.wap.2go.im follow the instructions by fill in the form with your details which after will now take you to download 2go messenger. After the 2go registration, locate where you stored the 2go mobile chat on your phone then open it and login with the password 2go team sent to your phone during sign up, as the 2go chat will automatically update your phone contacts using the messenger as your 2go friends.

What is pc.2go.im

If you use 2go you must have heard of 2go pc. This is simply chatting with your 2go friends using pc/laptop. To download 2gp pc simply go to www.pc.2go.im. To download 2go pc is the the same  as that of 2go mobile chat, just follow the instructions as directed at pc.2go.im and you will be able to chat with your 2go friends while on pc.

Other features of 2go messengers.

With 2go mobile chat you will be able to connect with your friends on other social networks using the 2go gateway. networks you can connect 2go messenger with is facebook, gtalk, mxit.

Here i will show you how to connect to your facebook friends using 2go:

To start chatting with your facebook friends using 2go…simply Login to your 2go account, Click on menu—->then go to settings—–> Locate gateway and click on it you will see three options which are facebook, gtalk and mxit, click on facebook and enter your facebook login (username) and password and then click submit.

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