There are thousands of web hosting companies with lots and lots of promotion which is always thrown to us making it very hard for us to choose the best web hosting services or company to work with. If you are still in search of a good web hosting then this article is for you as will be dropping some amazing tips and guide to being a smart customer and you will be able to make a good and better web hosting decision.

Free Domain

Some web hosting company offers free domain, well its a nice move, but you have to consider some factors first such as you will ask yourself who owns the domain name, yes you are now the owner of the domain but the domain remain in with the web hosting company which means you will stuck them. The second is what about the other year of renewal, are they going to renew it for you. just note that you will pay additional free plus your hosting free for it. So make sure you make good inquires before using any host.

Not Same Domain and Hosting

Thou many people has argue this, that i does not matter but will always tell you that it counts. Imaging the situation where by your domain and hosting is with the same comapny and they will be crashing or already crahed. You will entirely loose both the domain and hosting. So it is always good to go for a different domain registrar to buy domain and a different web host to host your website.

Line Check of bandwidth and Disk space Term

This is an important factor to always consider but people ignore it. You have to read the bandwidth and disk space term. Just imaging the situation where by your website become very popular and generate thousands pageviews, how much will you always be paying. will i pay hefty amount. Just check if the terms suits you, as many hosting always use the term unlimited bandwidth and disk space. so be careful while choosing and always read the rems and condition.

Research and Research

Research and read lots and lots of review and articles about the hosting you will want to use. You have to as well check out the feedbacks from the previous customers and comare their services, plans to other web hosting company.

I will be sharing more web hosting tips at, so stay tuned for exclusive updates.