44 the best website to chat and meet new friends is the fastest growing social network, where you can chat and meet new friends from around the world. With social networking/dating has been made flexible for everybody.

Eskimi chat is one of the fast growing chat among youths and with the help of this application has made online dating very fun with more than 30,000 members online.

How to register an

Firstly you have to visit their official website and sign up for account, by choosing our username/password, which after you will now own an account.. Now the next step to start dating and chating with friends is eskimi login be making use of your username and password while eskimi sign up. If you have a facebook acount you can link it to your account and always use the facebook button to login.

Why your account was ban

Recently, i recieved message from my readers asking me while their account was ban which make then unable to login and chat with friends. After which i went into a short research which ended after i meet Ceo.. who told me the reason while some account get ban on eskimi chat. Here are some things he said:

  •  Spamming with links from other websites
  • Asking for airtime credit
  • Using of abusive words

Just avoid the above stated rules and keep on chating and meeting new friends.

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  1. Reeker says:

    how I can get unban on eskimi?

  2. […] ESKIMI: A WEBSITE TO CHAT WITH FRIENDS AND DOWNLOAD is a fast growing social network where you can make new friends and chat with the previous friends, has made their website very flexible to connect with friends nd its user friendly, with eskimi facebook login that will easy help you login to and connect with your facebook friends, eskimi login has been made simple with this simple and classic system. For eskimi register simply go to , clcik on sign up, follow the instructions by filling the form, after which you can now login to eskimi (eskimi login) and start making new friends, you can easy connect with eskimi facebook, i.e with your facebook account, there are other benefits of eskimi like sharing files, downloading file and instant messaging chat with friends (eskimi chat). Many have been complaining of their eskimi account getting is Why you eskimi account was ban – Requesting of recharge card or any form credit recharge —Sharing of illegal pictures —-Spamming eskimi with  links of other websites This are some of the reasons why your account was ban, To join eskimi and know the reasons why your account was ban Click here […]

  3. Alf4luv87 says:

    Is like are many errors occurin with eskimi machines, now if a share a files with u, and files when open require search a certain mesages 4rm anoda website, what will u do, wond’nt go n get d infomation, if yes why den du have to band a member account accussin him of spamin?, n if i der4 meet a frend here on eskimi, is d frndship suppose to only end on eskimi, Aren’t we suppose to see each other if neccessary, n if no n yes 4 d 1st n 2nd question respectively, hw r we goin to ourself if we don’t exchange contact adress?, we should eskimi band me 4 exchange my phone# or cntt adress with my frnds?, with dis action taken i put it to u dat d *management of eskimi r nt real, *bcos d aim of der claim to bring pple 2geda is faulty n *eakimi cannot pretect a member interest, *der refuses to give 4 jugement, *eskimi, legally dos nt suppose to exist, *eskimi hav no effective monitary capability, * dat eskimi is guilty 4 bandin a member account without a reasonable reasons, so therefor eskimi hav to unband my account, bcos of d common goal of bringin pple 2geda, n if possible join a future husband n wife on eskimi, cution urself management.

  4. jitu11 says:

    plz help me out my account get ban and i need another account and i cannot signup from my mobile from where i have done it only shows the information of my banned account and from google also i can’t getting it from my mobile please help me out and i am sorry for breaking the rules of eskimi and it will not happen again

  5. Please u really save my life cos is through this site i got my soul mate n now u ban me for reason.pls i bear this id @ eskimi n cnt wait till to is too late n am good person to so ple help me to activate or recover my account back pls addmi. My regards to all.

  6. Ngo4real84 says:

    I have got banned for violating of rules of eskimi and i’m so sorry for that please help me out of this i love eskimi pls help me tnx.

  7. elalisa says:

    plz i waz banned .plz hlp me owt wat do i do hlp me unban.

  8. Dont show picture yet.

  9. ramsay4lov says:

    i must ve violated rules of eskimi.pls help and unban my account.i love eskimi.

  10. The website is full of good organised program and fast in connection.

  11. stellaakhgbeni says:

    hello friend

  12. Peter joe says:


  13. Ogunleye moruphat omotayo says:

    Am teewhy1910,its been awhile that av received my daily personal horoscope last and i don’t knw why?

  14. Julian says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Good day, i really wan2 knw Y my account on eskimi was deleted. Bcuz, i kip 2 all d rules n regulation of the site. If i was accused of anytin, they suld hav gone through my inbox n notify me my fault or sound a warning rather dan delete. Thanks

  15. Christyyoun says:

    I’m sorry for any misbehaviors pls restore my eskimi account thank you.

  16. Christyyoun says:

    Please am waiting 4 ur forgiveness promising never to repeat it tnx am missing my friends God bless u all.

  17. demiel says:

    Eskimi is fully filled with abusers & it as been acquired by fakes continously from past 3 months dey are spaming in all chat room ,Hav been reported many time but no use ,dey hav to take a action against spam ,or else it wud be hell ,plz check general talk chat & other to

  18. Tündex7717 says:

    Please help me unban my account cuz i miss my friends

  19. David says:

    Pease how can i read a message sent from a deleted account…. I mean, the person sent me 4 messages but she deleted her account before i could read it, please help me, i really need to read those 4 messages, please help me, thank you

  20. Pls i don’t understand this 502 bad gateway i can not longin

  21. pls oooooo this 502 bad gateway i don’t understand it i can not longin

  22. Pls oooooo i don’t know what happen if i want to longin it will show 502 bad gateway

  23. I am sorry for any offence I might have committed. connect me back to eskimi. Thanks.

  24. oreres says:

    pls any time i want longin it will say 502 bad gateway pls i need ur help

  25. christo says:

    Pls i don’t understand this 502 bad gateway anytime i want to longin it show it pls i need ur help

  26. oreres says:

    Help ooooooo so that i can longin

  27. christo says:

    pls i need help.i have been tellin u people that any time i want to longin,it always show 502 bad getaway, pls just do it once and for all for me,God bless u all?

  28. oreres says:

    i don’t understand this 502 bad gateway pls help so that i can longin

  29. Good morning to u all i did not why anytime i want to longin it all ways show 502 bad gateway

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